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“Science got us into this . . . science will get us out of this.”

Molecular Engineered Evolution (MEE) is based on editing genetic material (DNA) to make novel (newly discovered) proteins that can shape human lives both positively and negatively either intentionally or unintentionally. (Willette 2023).

Structural or functional proteins require tertiary and quaternary structure with folding into a certain shape to obtain a certain desired function. Small changes to a protein underlying sequence can lead to large and unpredictable changes in protein structure and function.  Just a few decades ago the human genome project sequenced the DNA of genes in human cells but that was just a starting point.  Computers and artificial intelligence (AI) cannot accurately predict the three-dimensional shape of proteins just looking at the sequence as the molecular interactions are too complicated.  If directed evolution becomes the new paradigm, will random mutations make novel protein sequences translate into a better strategy for protein design and will directed protein evolution utilizing nature with the help of viruses and bacteria make the future brighter.

Viruses must get into the cell to replicate using the host cell machinery to replicate which triggers your immune system to try and destroy the cells with the intracellular pathogen like replicating viruses.  Viruses demonized in Pandemics may ironically come full circle and be utilized in ways once unimaginable in Molecular Engineered Evolution.


Paul Michael Willette, MD

Global Health Science Solutions, LLC, (


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