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Inspire future generations for diversity of though regarding health and science and to think critically about What is true? Especially when it concerns your own brain and body health.


Educate and participate in your own health as is a “Think Tank” of ideas to either validate or challenge what is health. What can be good for an organ (part of you) may not be good for the entire brain and body (all of you).


A systems approach to thinking in health and science or “root cause” analysis is necessary to create previous unintended consequences of specialization clouding the ability to see the difference between the Forest and the Trees.


Assimilation is the ability of the brain and body to make structure and function based on building blocks and cofactors precisely integrated in a context of changing environments which is a moving target that requires collaboration with to transform understanding the complex into making it simpler solution regarding what needs to be done.



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Jade Panyko

Jade Panyko is a Medical Illustrator for Global Health Science Solutions LLC including Forest and the Forest and the Trees, Global Pandemic Solutions and a dog health book Dogs are not Cows. Jade graduated from the College of Central Florida in 2020 majoring in Studio Art. While in college Jade was selected amongst her other Art peers to have her artwork put in the college Literacy and Visual Arts Magazine.

Jade has been involved in many art projects such as murals for local businesses in Citrus County and Central Florida while running her own art business ‘Jade Creations’, where she commissions many custom pieces for customers, and working full time as a kindergarten paraprofessional.

Jade Panyko will be furthering her education with a Bachelor in Arts where her future plans includes being an Art teacher. She specializes in watercolor painting, acrylic painting, drawing, digital media art, and mixed media art. She does many realistic paintings within each medical book, landscape art, and creative art, her main motivation is within her family and fiancé, Nate, who passed away in 2021. Jade dedicates her passionate art to him.

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Paul Michael Willette, MD has an extensive background in treating disease through formal education and 30 years’ experience as a foundation to build upon in forming
Global Health Science Solutions LLC.

The traditional background of his formal Medical Education at the University of Massachusetts Medical School and his surgical residency in Berkshire Medical Center (Massachusetts) along with his Trauma Fellowship in Hartford Hospital (Hartford, Connecticut) was a start.

As an instructor of Advanced Trauma Operative Management (ATOM Surgical Instructor) Willette was a pioneer of original thinking to advance Surgery and Medicine.

The most recent chapter in Willette’s career culminates in using his foundation of treating disease to then answer questions about Science and Health through the lens of independent investigator incorporating biochemistry, cell biology, immunology, and nutrition for the advancement of brain/body health connections in humans and animals around the globe.

Legacy Goal: Inspire and challenge future generations for a brighter future by stimulating the inquisitive mind and scientific method to answer the question:

What is true?

Better Solutions, Health and World.

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“Science got us into this…… Science will get us out,”

If there was ever a time to support independent thought regarding Science and help determine What is true? It is now.

Global Health Science Solutions LLC provides independent research and is a “think tank of Ideas” and “diversity of thought.”

Soon to be released books:
“Forest and the Trees “ Brain Health: Mood, Memory and Movement takes an in depth look while uncovers the best insight to date on how to avoid dementia and cognitive decline.

Global Pandemic Vaccine Solutions addresses many issues regarding an untold story on all vaccines and
provides a more balanced evaluation of gene therapy and its future role in health.

Global Health Science Solutions LLC appreciates public support through donations to provide
Better Solutions, Health and World.

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