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“Science got us into this . . . science will get us out of this.”

It’s been twenty years since the international Human Genome Project was completed. Still, it took the fear of a global pandemic to advance the idea of introducing genetic material into our cells, a process whose possibilities and ramifications are endless.

In this book, I explain the process of transferring viral genetic material into your cells naturally and purposefully through bioengineering. It lays the foundation for future discussions concerning manipulating genetic material in cells with endless promises of fighting pandemics, curing cancer, organ transplants, and possibly xenotransplant leading to immortality.

Ethics and morals will supersede scientific intellect. Global Health Science Solutions, LLC, ( will provide an independent and unbiased investigation prompting questions about the truth. Scientific illiteracy must be overcome as a check and balance to the myriad of intended or unintended consequences that lie ahead. Eventually, gene transfer will affect everyone globally so either control it or it will control you.


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